What Is The Ring Of Fire?


The Ring of Fire is a $50+ billion chromite mining development located in the Far North of Ontario, Canada on traditional aboriginal territories. To continue the tradition of oral storytelling, which is deeply rooted in aboriginal culture, 38 interviews with people and stakeholders associated with the Ring of Fire mining development will be used to produce Ring of Fire Podcasts.

The primary purpose of the Ring of Fire Podcasts are to inform the public on how the Ring of Fire mining development will move forward through negotiations, regulatory approvals, financing, infrastructure, mining and smelter operations; and how it will affect the people and communities near the chromite deposits in Northern Ontario. The podcasts will also broaden public understanding of the many, multi-facetted issues associated with developing this very large chromite mineral deposit.

The first 10 podcasts will be found in the WHAT IS THE RING OF FIRE? sections below.

The remaining 28 podcasts will be accessible in the ISSUES section.


Geological Discovery

1) Neil Novak, CEO, Black Widow Resources Inc. (interview March 3, 2014)

Mining Companies

2) Glenn Nolan, VP, Aboriginal Relations, Noront Resources Ltd. (interview April 6, 2014)

3) Frank Smeenk, CEO, KWG Resources Ltd (interview December 16, 2014)

Mining Interest Groups

4) Rodney Thomas, President, Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (interview September 30, 2014)

5) Ramsey Hart, Canada Program Coordinator, Mining Watch Canada (interview May 12, 2014)

Matawa First Nations

6) David Paul Achneepineskum, CEO, Matawa First Nations (interview December 11, 2014)

7) Sonny Gagnon, Chief, Aroland First Nation (interview December 11, 2014)

Ontario Government

8) Michael Gravelle, Minister, Ontario Ministry Northern Development & Mines (interview December 14, 2014)


9) Bob Rae, Chief Negotiator, Matawa First Nations (interview December 11, 2014)

10) Frank Iacobucci, Chief Negotiator, Ontario Government (interview September 30, 2014)