Watch films and videos related to issues directly and indirectly associated with the Ring of Fire mining development in Northern Ontario. If you have video content that may be appropriate, please email us.

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Luke Mekanak, elder and land user from Webequie First Nation talks about how there will be many changes that will come with the mining activity and have profound effects on the animals and fish that he and the community rely on.

ᓬᐅᐠ ᒣᑫᓇᐠ, ᑭᒋᔭᔭ ᒥᓇ ᐁᐊᐸᒋᑐᐨ ᐊᐦᑭᓂ ᐌᐱᑴᐠ ᐁᐅᒋᐨ ᐅᑕᔑᐣᑕᐣ ᑫᐃᔑᓇᑯᐠ ᒥᔑᐣ ᑫᑯᓇᐣ ᒋᐊᓂ ᐊᐣᒋᓭᑭᐣ ᐱᑕᑯᔑᓄᒪᑲᐠ ᓄᑕᓯᓂᑫᐎᓇᐣ ᒥᓇ ᑭᒋ ᐃᔑᐌᐱᓯᐗᐨ ᐊᐎᔭᔑᔕᐠ ᒥᓇ ᑭᓄᔐᐠ ᐊᓂᔑᓇᐯᐠ ᑲᐅᐣᑕᑎᓯᐗᐨ᙮


Russell Achneepineskum of Marten Falls First Nation shares one of his songs that tells story of the old settlement up river. He also shares his thoughts on the Ring of Fire mining project, which he hopes the government and mining companies tell the truth of how it will affect the people, land and animals.

ᕒᐊᓱᓬ ᐊᒋᓂᐱᓀᐡᑲᒼ ᑲᐅᒋᐨ ᐊᑯᑭᐠ ᑭᑎᐸᒋᒧ ᐯᔑᐠ ᐅᓂᑲᒧᐎᐣ ᐁᑎᐸᒋᒧᒪᑲᑎᓂᐠ ᐌᐡᑲᐨ ᑲᐯᔑᐎᐣ ᓄᐱᒥᐠ ᓯᐱᐠ᙮ ᒥᓇ ᐅᑭᐎᑕᐣ ᑫᐎᐣ ᐁᓀᑕᐠ ᐃᐃᐌᓂ ᑲᑭᓂᑾᓇᑌᐠ ᐃᐡᑯᑌ ᓄᑕᓯᓂᑫᐎᐣ ᐊᓄᑭᐎᐣ, ᐁᐃᔑ ᐸᑯᓭᓂᒧᐨ ᐅᑭᒪᐎᐣ ᒥᓇ ᑲᓄᑕᓯᓂᑫᐗᐨ ᒋᐎᑕᒧᐗᐨ ᒥᓇ ᒋᑌᐺᐗᐨ ᐊᓂᐣ ᑫᐃᔑᐡᑲᑯᐗᐨ ᐊᓂᔑᓂᓂᐗᐠ, ᐊᐦᑭᐣ ᒥᓇ ᐊᐎᔭᔑᔕᐠ᙮


Roy Spence, elder and council member of Webequie First Nation travels to Wawaqueba, home to one of his family’s traditional hunting territories within the proposed Ring of Fire mining project. He shares his thoughts on the importance of the area for their livelihood of hunting, fishing and gathering the many animals and fish in the region.

ᕒᐊᔾ ᐢᐯᓂᐢ, ᑭᒋᔭᔭ ᒥᓇ ᐅᐣᔓᐌᐎᓂᓂ ᐃᐃᒪ ᐌᐱᑴᐠ ᑭᔑᒪᒐ ᐗᐗᑴᐸ, ᐅᑕᑭᒥᐗ ᐃᑭᐌᓂᐗᐠ ᐯᔑᐠ ᐅᑎᐯᒋᑫᐎᐣ ᐃᐃᒪ ᑲᐃᔑᐊᑌᐠ ᑲᑭᓂᑾᓇᑌᐠ ᐃᐡᑯᑌ ᓄᑕᓯᓂᑴᐃᐣ ᒪᒋᑕᐎᓇᐣ᙮ ᐎᑕᒪᑫ ᐁᐃᓀᑕᐠ ᐃᐃᐌ ᐁᑭᒋᓀᑕᑯᐠ ᐃᐃᐌ ᑌᑎᐸᐦᐃ ᐊᐦᑭ ᑲᐅᑕᑎᓯᐗᐨ ᐊᓂᔑᓂᓂᐗᐠ ᐁᓇᑕᐌᒋᑫᐗᐨ, ᐁᑭᓄᔐᑫᐗᐨ ᒥᓇ ᐁᒧᔕᑭᓂᑫᐗᐨ ᐃᓂᐌᓂᐗᐣ ᒥᔑᐣ ᐊᐎᔭᔑᔕᐠ ᒥᓇ ᑭᓄᔐᐠ ᐃᐃᒪ ᐊᐦᑭᑲᐠ᙮