Matawa First Nations


The Matawa First Nations is a tribal council that was established in 1988 with nine Ojibway and Cree First Nations band member communities in Northern Ontario, Canada, who voluntarily join together to provide advisory and program services to band members. The Ring of Fire mining development is located within their territorial lands and jurisdictions. By working together as a regional community, they use their combined knowledge and resources to champion the social and economic vitality of their nine First Nations and invest in people and community capacity building.

David Paul Achneepineskum, CEO, Matawa First Nations (interview December 11, 2014)

The CEO of the Matawa First Nations Management Corporation is, David Paul Achneepineskum. Mr. Achneepineskum manages the MFNM departments, services, and subsidiary non-profit and for-profit corporations, and is directly responsible to the Board of Directors, which consists of the nine Ojibway and Cree First Nation band members. He speaks about the Matawa First Nations and their on-going discussions and negotiations with governments and industry regarding the Ring of Fire mining development.

Sonny Gagnon, Chief, Aroland First Nation (interview December 11, 2014)

Sonny Gagnon is the elected Chief of Aroland First Nation whose community is a member of the Matawa Tribal Council and geographically located south of the Ring of Fire mining development along the Trans-Canada railway and highway system.  Mr. Gagnon explains what the Ring of Fire mining development will mean to his community and other surrounding communities in Northern Ontario.