Geological Discovery


The initial Ring of Fire (ROF) mineral discovery was made in the Far North of Ontario, Canada in 2007. Known as the Eagles Nest deposit, it contains nickel, copper and platinum. There are significantly major deposits of chromite that have been discovered in the ROF mining area – notably the Big Daddy, Black Thor, Black Horse and Black Bird deposits. Chromite is a key mineral required in the production of stainless steel. The ROF chromite deposits are the only ones located in North America and their reserves and market value is estimated to be $50+ billion over a 100 year mining development time frame.

Neil Novak, CEO, Black Widow Resources Inc. (interview March 3, 2014)

As a geologist with Black Widow Resources Inc., Neil Novak has been exploring the Far North of Ontario for precious and base metal minerals since the 1970’s. In 2007, he was a key member of a geological team that identified the Noront Resources Eagles Nest deposit, which set off the Ring of Fire mining discovery. Mr. Novak explains the geology of the Ring of Fire mining area and how the discovery was made and named.